What chair is more convenient

One of the most necessary subjects in the house or office, cafe or bar, a reception or hotel is the chair. In the market of furniture goods of this good suffices. What has to be a convenient chair?

Considering that some, sitting, spend a lot of time, it is necessary to choose for itself the most convenient chair. For arrangement of any room in the apartment there are many options of chairs. It can be products from a tree or metal, plasticity or combined.

In the market metal and plastic chairs are presented. It is very simple to look after them that is also important. At a choice it is also important to consider and height of a back which has to be not too high, but also not low. At it is long sitting on an inconvenient chair there can to be a discomfort and to develop diseases of a backbone, joints and an internal. IN ACCORDANCE WITH GOST the standard height of a back is considered 41 cm, and the feet bent in knees have to form a corner in 90 degrees. However in each case it is necessary to choose height for itself. Width of a seat of a chair matters also. Optimum it is considered 50 cm.

In order to avoid feeling of discomfort under knees it is necessary to choose a rigid chair with the rounded forward part. Development of stoop is promoted by soft chairs therefore they aren't recommended to be chosen, especially to children.

So, an ideal chair – is on what conveniently to sit and to the comfortably separately taken person.