How to look after bar furniture

Key detail of an interior of bar is the bar furniture and a rack. How to look after these subjects of a decor?

Table-tops of bar counters that are made of glass, plastic and a tree, an artificial stone and LDSP, and also won't demand a stainless steel of special efforts on leaving. Daily leaving is a cleaning by damp napkins, towels with soft household fat-free means or cream soap.

For removal of resistant spots it is necessary to use a cleaner for a firm surface. Only in extreme cases (when other means are powerless) it is possible to use abrasive sponges. But also it is necessary to clean them with huge care. If there is a danger of emergence of scratches on a surface, it is better to refuse such cleaning and cleaning at once. Regular care of bar furniture will prolong her life and won't demand use of cardinal means for cleaning.